Last Call

by The Hostiles

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Matthew John Eaton
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Matthew John Eaton Mission accomplished lads. This is one of my favorite albums of the year. Favorite track: Released From Captivity.
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released July 15, 2016

The Hostiles are:

Joshua Barron - Guitars/Vocals
Chris Barron - Bass/Vocals
Callum Douglas - Drums
Steve Bruce - Trombone

Neil J Ewan - Sax
Ruaridh Crumlish – Trumpet
David Prentice - Trumpet
George Campbell – Keys
Joe Stainke - Trombone

Additional Vocals:
Graeme Wright (Screams)
Magika Shields
Robin Leitch
Brendan Seamus

Recorded @ Maybank Studios

Produced by Matt Harvey/The Hostiles

© 2016 Bubble Tea Records

Artwork by Si Mitchell



all rights reserved


The Hostiles South Ayrshire, UK

The Hostiles capture the upbeat energy of US west coast ska punk in the slightly less-sunny climes of west coast Scotland. Spirited and infectious, they combine distorted guitars riffs, low-slung rhythms, in-your-face vocals and a two-pronged brass backbone of trumpet and trombone. Good times guaranteed. ... more


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Track Name: Happy Hour
Get your drinks in at the bar!
Track Name: Ed Knows
I'll hold your legs
So you don't drift off while you're sleeping
So rest your head
If it comes to this we'll have to fight these nightmares off instead

You think you know it all before you take a fall
You're on the way down afraid to hit the ground
A fear you can't ignore

Your construction is beyond anyone's comprehension
'Uncomprehendible' to the point of hyper tension
It's in your dreams you will live until you realise
You’re not asleep anymore

I'll hold your legs
So you don't drift off while you're sleeping
So rest your head
If it comes to it we'll have to fight these nightmares off instead

When I was young and full of myself
I had it all planned out
Now overthrown and washed out
I put those ideas to bed
Now Ed, my dear sweet Ed
No one understands what goes on inside your head
Track Name: Inconsiderate
So you're at it again
You slack off and don't consider its effect on your friends
and you think it's ok
Just continue on not caring
pushing everyone away

So you want to change...
You've gone about it the wrong way
You don't care
You will be soon to find that world doesn't revolve around you
When it hits you, just accept the blame so you can say that

'I never cared and that's the reason you left me'
You better change and you know it won't happen easily

Admitting is the first step
You can't admit it so you're not ready yet
It will leave you estranged from your friends and your family
relationships will change

and you will rack your brains
body full of indecision
and then you'll realise what you've been missing

Then you'll care about the things you do to me
Will you change? Well I guess that we will have to wait...
Track Name: You Liar!
Speaking softly no one can ever the tell
The way you lie you think you do it so well.
What you don't know will be your biggest mistake
The way you play em all
Fuck em all
We know that you are fake

You try to hide who you are
And cover up your mistakes.
Let the truth slip away

You lie. You liar!

I find these predicaments which you have created.
Never cease to amaze or become outdated.
We're all victims of your original ploy.
which is rated on how many lives you can destroy.

You have me hanging on every word you say.
You try to play me like it was a game.
I can't believe the shit you try to get away with.
You fucking liar! I think you should be done away with..
Track Name: I'll Assume It's Cool
Should I believe you when you say there ain't no possibility
there ain't no other way?
Or should I contemplate defeat and leave it for today?
I knew I couldn't count on you so what else is there to prove?

I'll assume that everything is cool
You'll know when it's time to go
but the pain in your heart will leave you so….
I'll assume that everything..

So take your time but don't waste mine
The present is a gift that I won't I be left with
If you continue to take what should be rightfully mine

It wasn't the war it was the battle you've won
and I'll have to think of a way to get you back for what you've done
These petty differences are enough to blow all of our chances

So here I am..ready for what you've got
I'll grit my teeth, try to forget you
Take my pain and inflict it on you
So here I am..ready or not

I had my suspicions but no idea what was going on
a year is a long time to wait..why did it take so long?
Accept the good times along with all the bad
Forget the life we could've..I wish we would've had

So take your time
but don't waste mine
The present has now past and now I know this cannot last
I think this time you'll find that you've crossed over the line

I don't know how you could be so selfish and treat me so low
You' d think it was harder for you to do the things that you do
I don't know what I did to deserve this but it's done now.
Track Name: Night Out
Just another night out
another time to get drunk
another opportunity to pull your face out of the gutter

Me and Callum hangin' out
Having a few drinks
and we're checking out some T and A
We're living it up
feeling them up (consensually)
Hoping for some action
Chilling and relaxing to our satisfaction

In just a second the dancefloor fills
and I'm waiting for the right time to bust out my moves
I'm feeling for the rhythm

Skankin' away
It's been one hell of a day
Skankin' away
Oh I can't fucking wait
Skankin' away like an doesn't matter
because It's time to unwind.

I know what you're thinking
You're all too much concerned with how much I've been drinking
When the money's all gone..the night is all over
Most likely I will be hungover
I'm fine really I'm enjoying myself
I'm enjoying the company of everyone else
A night is a night out…getting drunk is all the same
The night would be better if I could get laid…

Some guy just hit the bouncer and he's looking pissed off
Everyone crowds round cause there's gonna be a fight
While I sit back with my vodka and orange thinking it's all too familiar
Cause I'm pretty fucking wasted
I've drank so goddamn much that much that I can't feel my…

The ground moved up from under me
The night turned into a catastrophe
I feel like I'm gonna die..
I feel like I'm gonna die
Track Name: Wish You All The Best
'I wish you all the best'
The last thing she said before she left
I wish that you would stay.
Last thing I said to her that day..

And so we come to a stand still
On your own, base a decision on what you think is right.
Still not gonna sleep tonight.

And your intent was to see this all comes to an end.
Whatever works for you.
I hope your wish will come true.

You mean so much to me.
If you love it then you gotta set it free.
If it does not return, you are no longer my concern.

You've made your decision. There is no turning back.
You're gonna have to live with that.

All the best? Ask for a lot?
Was it too much for you to be happy with what you got?
We're almost done so don't drag it out.
I'll feel the burn. There is no doubt.

And so we've come to the end.
It was fun but it's time to move on and so I better let go
and claim a piece of this world.
Track Name: Spend My Life
I'm like the captain that goes down with the ship
I don't really want to but I'm down with all of this
Your loyalties can coincide with what you feel inside.
Until it happens I will stay on course
Try as hard as you can but you won't take me by force
We've made our beds..I'll sleep in mine
because I was taught to be prepared for the worst

I won't sink
but I feel sunk
I'll survive the plunge and live with the rest of this
I won't sink
but I feel sunk
I'm drunk at the help but I'll still be afloat so

Run. Run away. Leave today.
It would be pointless if you stayed
My life. I would spend my life trying to do what's right
I won't abandon it all.
because I was taught to be prepared for the worst

Did you ever take the time to question the outcome of what you did?
No one wants to regret the decisions that they've made so far.
Track Name: So I Wonder...
I, I'm not ready for you to leave
I want you to stay
It's too early for goodbyes
Too late to save the day
So please help me I'm scared 
Please guide me I'm lost
It's too soon
I'm not prepared to try and handle this

But I understand 
that this part happens to everyone
I guess I accept that point
But I cannot pretend 
that I'm not struggling to comprehend
 why you've been taken at this point

So I wonder

Is, is there a way I should be? 
Chin up or easier to read?
We all mourn at our own pace
I wouldn't push you 
so don't try an push me.
Cuz It's easy for me to say
I think of this every of everyday.
I wish I could change what happened
not for me, but for for everyone

I think life is amazing, 
think that its amazingly flawed.
How your whole life will just flash by 
and it's an unchallengeable odd
that you breath every day 
until that day comes 
the day that you die.
You won't see it coming
the worlds is turning 
and all of a sudden it'll stop.
This fact, said 
is inevitable to few it's copable.
The thought is hard to swallow 
And it's proving to be chokeable.
Like a shadow to light, 
a bond forever and I can tell. 
So heres to life 
the challenge of living 
And living it well

So now I understand
that this part happens to everyone
I guess I accept that point
I cannot pretend that there's nothing I wouldn’t give to have you back again
I love you and miss you and that's my point.

So I wonder
So I'll wonder
 I'll keep wondering why
and I’ll cherish your memory
until the day that I die
Gone but not forgotten 
So long until we meet again
Father, brother, husband and the closest of best friends
Track Name: Late Nights
My writers block strays from day to day
Tonight it's gone, there's a few things I wanna say
Like how I feel
The way it's supposed to be
And words off of the paper
Mean so much more to me
Now it makes sense (uh-oh)
Why I wrote this song
In beats there's a presence
More acceptable than dropping bombs
The words of another can poison a mind
So I write to right
What's wrong in mine


Locked up words and boxed up phrases
Who the fucks got the key?
Trapped by these walls
and bound by these chains
Who stole my sanity?
Some discretion with some suggestions
Of some things I'd rather be
Familiar faces with the same disgraces
And something’s you'll never see
Track Name: To Err Is Human
One too many times I've watched my life go by
Another sleepless night for me, sometimes I ask myself why
we put ourselves through all the things we do?
For me I think's true..the problems in my head are because of you

To err is human
To forgive is divine

I've got the feeling it won't come to the point
you admit you're wrong to someone else.
And I confess and I must stress on this point
you were wrong…but don't blame yourself

I had this thought come into my head
whilst laying along in this empty bed
How everything has fallen out of place
because we can't discuss things face to face
So who am I to tell what to do?
I'm no one but after all'll we've been through
I'd expect to have a little say
If it was the other way around you'd want it that way

I've got the feeling it won't come to the point
you admit you're wrong to someone else.
And I confess and I must stress on this point
you were wrong…so go fuck yourself

Looking back on what we've been through
and I don't think this futures what is best for you
We all make mistakes
more than some
admit you're wrong and this will be done.
Track Name: Released From Captivity
Naturally I'm a bit scared...
It's been a while since I've been with a girl
and I don't remember how to bring them into my world.
I feel so out of touch.
The players not the game has changed so I haven't missed much
but the pressure's at the point to where my head is gonna explode.
My friends all dragged me out when I wanted to stay at home.
That cute girl at the bar is in need of some help
but I would feel to awkward to introduce myself.

Do I really want to take a risk and put myself out there when I know
that she'll just hurt me just like the rest of them.
I don't think so...

Start off not having anything to talk about.
Leave off thinking you'd just rather do without.
Write off your past attempts because it'll put you off.
It's tough getting back on the horse when it throws you off.

There you go, spoken like a true cynic.

I'm not giving up on life. Just putting off having girls in it.
I'm just comparing the pros against the cons
and if the pros outweigh the cons then I can't be wrong.

Con you won't get laid.

I still probably will but it won't be in that 'special' way.
Pro. You won't get messed around, have your heart trampled on and beaten into the ground.

One day I'll find that special someone.
Right now I'm better off without one.
Sometimes you'd just rather have fun...
Track Name: Nobody Else
Won't you help me
I'm trying to escape tomorrow and forget
But time is catching oh it's catching up on us
And I'm afraid that there's no cure 
For what plagues me 
So keep your sorrow I'm cool with self-pity 

I have heard that is not the best way for me 
 I will not hide I will 
Decide for myself you'll see 
The plans I make 
Big mistakes maybe 
But I know I tried for myself 
And nobody else 

They'll speak allowed and voice the way they think it has to be 
We all must face life good or bad
It’s a inevitability 
But you don't to have to walk your path alone 
And if you do 
You can blame no one but yourself 
You'll deal with it like you deal with everything

You preach this you preach that 
Try your own medicine 
It's not as sweet as you think 
It's like being choked by a friend 
I know you're just trying to help 
A means to an end
This one is all on me
On me and nobody 
Can't you see I need space to learn for myself? 
Help me when asked 
You're too busy 
Thinking of yourself 
Which would be cool 
if this was all about you 
But this one is all on me 
On me and nobody else

have no 
And I shall keep it that way 
Until my last dying breath
I'm blessed 
Though test 
Without my self-faith 
I would have nothing

Just keep quiet 
Keep it all to yourself 
The world can torment you 
Without any help
Just be aware with everything that you do
Life steps away from the past
But leaves it there to haunt you 

I've bit the bullet so much my teeth have turned to lead
And I'm giving no reason 
To justify what's been said
I'm 20 years old 
And I have no job or respect 
For my parents well at least that's what they say 

I hear to my dismay 
Laugh and smile 
At such an ignorant display
Well I guess such things are better left on the shelf
They're for me
And nobody else 
Track Name: Last Call
Drink it up!