Always Looking Forward

by The Hostiles

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released April 4, 2009

Artwork concept by Ewan Burgoyne.
Illustration by Steve Cardno



all rights reserved


The Hostiles South Ayrshire, UK

The Hostiles capture the upbeat energy of US west coast ska punk in the slightly less-sunny climes of west coast Scotland. Spirited and infectious, they combine distorted guitars riffs, low-slung rhythms, in-your-face vocals and a two-pronged brass backbone of trumpet and trombone. Good times guaranteed. ... more


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Track Name: Always Looking Forward
Where to's somewhere over yonder.
There's somethin' waiting for me.

Gonna try and get me somethin'. Probably end up with nothin'.
This is stupid. What's the point in even trying?(but the message underlying).
When I find that one thing, trust me there will be nothin' that will stand in my way.

When I get there I will know but I'm not sure of where to go.
I'll try until I find that something.

Our cause grows stronger. We are acting for the longer.
There's something waitin' for me.

Even though progress is slow and where I'm going? I don't know...
Track Name: Where Are You?
I've lost my keys again but you're pissed at me
So you don't want to see me
I'm feeling insecure again
The situation seems impossible.
but I won't let that stop me try to change your mind

Where are you?
I've been searching but you're nowhere to be found
I get what you're saying
Let's stop and turn this thing around

So where do we go now?
It's kinda hard when you don't know where to start.
It's just another guilt trip putting some distance between you and me

I know I should be held responsible for the things that I've done
The situation seems impossible.
but I won't let that stop me try to change your mind

I messed up completely and the guilt is turning me inside out
but if you'd forgive me I'm sure we'd be able to work this out.
Track Name: It's All Casual
Don't be scared. It's just a formality
Just pretend that you agree

Will of the majority decides what's best for me
It allows me to rest at ease
Silent minority, they have their special needs
We seem to disagree

It's all casual
There's no need to be uptight
Go along even if you don't thing it's right
Everyone does it so be aware
nobody cares about you.

Work up on their defence
Wouldn't make a difference
They're a bad influence
Push them to the verge of doing something drastic
It doesn't make any sense..
Just ignore the problem
Someone else will solve it
and no one will question it
That's your best bet. Use it till yer sick of it
and throw away the rest of it.

You think you're safe...well you're not!
You blindly follow what you've been taught.
Track Name: I Hope You Know
Why don't you tell me about the time when all came together. Everything was fine.
Now I'm hearing you speak, finding meaning to the words
to all the little things that were said but weren't heard.
What's on your mind? What are you thinking?
It's too late now to change anyone's opinion
but if it makes you feel better just go ahead and say it.
Polish it up nicely and display it.
You might accomplish something.
You might accomplish something big.

It's your dream so go ahead and chase it
but you're full of shit..someday you'll have to face it
It can pan out well. Only time will tell...or it could all go to hell.

You act without thinking
Dive in with out a reason
I guess there's no convincing
I hope that you know what you're doing

You don't have a clue

You got the talent but you lack the direction
You're oversight is in need of some correction
Carry on at you're own discretion
Someone will tell you what to do...

If things don't seem to get any better
If it all stats to fall apart
See those pieces of your broken heart?
Pick it up!

Then you'll see life is not what it's cracked up to be
It's got it's ups and downs but I guess that's a lesson
you'll have to learn all on your own.
Track Name: True Or False
Since day one I have never betrayed anyone
who chose not to push me away.
Loyalty through and through all along.
It was never a front.
True or false is for me to decide
I won't quite writing words until I'm satisfied
Attention span is the the will to see it through
I've seen through this and I've seen through you

This must be my way of getting back at you.
Imaginary problems with what you do.
True or false is for me to decide.

Roll one up and chill the fuck out. Life is to short for grudges or petty rows.
The system has changed and nobody gives a fuck.
I never did so where did you get stuck?
I think it's time for you to calm down
You're thrashing like a baby whose bottle just hit the ground
and you're too fucking dumb to pick it back up.
You're crying over spilt milk. Shut the fuck up.

True or false. Wrong or right.
You'll hate it all out of spite.
Track Name: Ashley
This girl is so sweet. This girl is so funny.
She makes a rainy day feel all sunny.
She's got red hair. A big art flare
and this really awesome piercing but I can't tell you where (nipple)
She's the type a girl that would make you be afraid to hold her hand
but at the same time would make you want be as close as you possibly can
If she liked me? I don't know.I guess I can debate.
I'll never know because she had to go away.

I'm not sure what could have been.
I hope I'd feel the same if we were together.
These situations are hard to win but the time we had
I'll always remember.

Ashely. You're way to cool for me.
If I had more time then this would be right.
That's why I'm begging for you to stay here with me tonight.
Ashley. Every ugly girls' envy.
I'm lost for words when I describe her but so it seems
she's the girl of my dreams. Ashley

My problems disappeared when she was around.
No matter what was wrong.
No matter what was going on.
She said don't let it get you down just do what you can.
She took life on with a pack of camel cigs in her hand.
Listening to her speak was like listening to poetry
I'm hanging on every word. Hoping that she'd fall for me
I really thought I would've had a chance if she stayed
It sucks ass that she had to go away.

And without here my life will never be the same
Ashley Lamb was her name.
Track Name: Examinable Torture
The test is seeing how long it takes you to crack.
I always have someone riding on my back.
I should be doing something else but instead I stop to complain..
This bullshit is driving me insane

10 more seconds until I can leave this failure behind me
Oh won't go away quietly

What I fail to see
You've had some success but you think that you're better than me
Yeah you've probably worked for what you got
but the way that I see it. I'm just getting started.
If you'd take a minute to observe
my actions and how they speak louder than words
you'd have nothing to say.
Track Name: Conclusion
Little did I know that I would become the victim of this vicious cycle.
I got nothing to show because I've never came across anything this...well

Did you ever think that we would end up this way?
You got caught in the moment, you let the important things slip away.
Now you're looking for the answers to your problems
and they are nowhere to be found

Take a deep breath, try something new
Pray for the things that matter to you
Close your eyes, think it through
What conclusion did you come to?

They tried to tell me but I didn't really listen
Now I'm fucking wishing that I did
I dug my whole it's deep
I'm trying to escape before someone comes and buries me

Take a step back try this instead
using your heart instead of your head.
Let it unfold, become clearer to you
What conclusion did you come to?
Track Name: Seen Not Heard
It seems that one thing leads to another
when you're paying a price just to listen to another person's
point of view
That's not fair. You're paying a price just to prove that you care well..
Maybe it's me, maybe I'm wrong but this song has been in my head too long.
I'm putting it out, this meal for two.
I've been keeping secrets, keeping secrets from you.

I'm only saying it because it's true.
You know and I know there is nothing we can do except
drop the subject and just move on.
You probably won't remember by the time the night is gone.

It seems I may have mislead you over this conversation.
We skipped to the end a little way too soon.
We're not there. We both seen it happen but we didn't seem to care.
Oh my god...what a surprise. Everything you said turned out to be all lies.
So I guess we're done now.

You know I'm on your side but it really should be easy to
bridge this little divide.
I wish you wouldn't hide from the truth that I told you,
I don't want to control you but you know you're always right.
There's so many things that I'd like to say but I'm choking on my words
trying to find a way to make you see.
I know when I'm wrong, stop making it hard so we can just get along.
Seen not heard. I say it because it's true.
Seen not heard. There is something you can do.
Close your mouth and open your eyes and you will be surprised.
Track Name: Bad Day For Shorts
Desperate times. They call for desperate measures.
What goes down, impressions last forever.
It's bad timing, it's deciding, it's the way that you act that
can change the whole perspective of a person.
I'm hoping that I can get the old view back.

Where does time go? It all changed so fast
Now it's picking it up from where I started
further pushing on forward.
Nothing was meant to last.

What you'll find are some of life's pleasures
but the wrong choice made leaves friendly ties severed.
It's time to cut your loses and I show no remorse.
It could have all been avoided had you have thought it through
but it's to late now.
It's time to decide whether to forgive and forget or
hold it against you forever.

I won't let it go and there's nothing left to say.
You did the hurting so I refuse to meet you half way.

Pick up your feet. You're dragging this one out.
Wait for the fall. You've lost your focus.